2S-2018 | Internet of Things (TUI)

This semester at the Tecnológico de Costa Rica (2S-2018), we did a project aimed at the "Internet of Things" but with a twist. The idea was to imagine that the new intelligent speakers (like Alexa of Amazon, Siri of apple or Hi Google) can project an image and communicate with the user. Besides, this semester we included a TUI (tangible user interface). A simple object to interact with the system.

The concept then included visualization of the music being played, viewing of WhatsApp or Tweeter notifications, and display of the voice commands given to the wizard, as well as its sound when it responds. Students implemented the whole system from visualization to internet connections with social networks.

The following works are part of the results.

<< prof. dr. franklin hernández-castro

prof. dr. franklin hernández-castro, ph.d.