this project was developed by iReal research group, of costa rica institute of technology in 2013-2014. Topic was the visualization of the data from another project from tech costa rica: eBridge.

the project is a 3D interactive visualization of data from wireless structural monitoring of a bridge, this bridge was taken as sample for technology test.

the data are visualized in two different TDW (tiled display walls), ones, glasses-free stereoscopic and other with normal 3D technology.

the project has a iPad application that can be use to control the immersive cave at costa rica tech, as a complex remote control.

the app has four different scenes, theoretical data, real data from sensors, comparing both of them and the 3D view of bridge.

TDW (tiled display walls) 8 displays

iReal CAVE: glasses-free stereoscopic

preview of iReal Pro application


prof. dr. franklin hernández-castro, ph.d.