in this site I explain different projects in data science topics and visualization. these works are made for students in graduation projects in information desígn and computer science master program at TEC costa rica.

waze visual (30.01.16):

this semester we made a data visualization project with traffic data from waze application in costa rica.

Evelyn Barquero Rodriguez and Sofía González Villalobos, made with me, a top 100 ranking with the worst traffic routes in costa rica. It is a interactive visualization where you can compare traffic conditions of routes, days and hours.


publication link

visualization of breast cancer factors

graduation project of nikole arguedas-elizondo mentored by me.

she worked with cancer researchers from universidad de costa rica, they work on breast cancer and associated factors like sport habits, number of children and so on.

variation viewer: genomic and proteomic data visualization

graduation project of antonio solano and verónica alfaro mentored by me.

they worked with the bioinformatics company Indromics to redesign data visualization for proteomic and genomic data. they focused them work on breast cancer related proteins because it's one of the most deadly cancers and its research is alive and thriving.


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prof. dr. franklin hernández-castro, ph.d.