this semester, winter semester, at hochschule für gestaltung schwäbisch gmünd, we made two changes in our traditional workshop. first at all, we began to work with javascript, we try to figure out if this more standard language (more standard than processing) can make all that processing make for us.

the second change is that we worked with only one object for all student groups, a big face. our idea is to make a experience in mapping in a human face.

in order to do that, we made a 3D face model with serial planes, you can find instructions for do that  here, and the original files here.

with this “face” 120 X 60 cm, the students made your experiences in topics like emotions, age, cultural tattoo, etc.

all projections are able to be controlled through a input device, in this case we use leap motion.


prof. dr. franklin hernández-castro, ph.d.